A 10 year old boy in Philadelphia has died playing with a gun


“Another one of our precious children has died as the result of gunfire,” Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said in a statement shortly after a tragedy which occurred Saturday in the Tioga-Nicetown area of Philadelphia. A 10-year-old boy, along with his 8-year-old sister, were playing home alone and reportedly discovered a gun that was in a cabinet. The boy has died after a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head. The 8-year-old sister ran to a neighbor’s home to call for help. Emergency responders were called to the home. The boy was transported to St. Christopher’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 6:39 p.m. “We’re looking into how the gun got on location and who the owner of the gun is,” Philadelphia Police Capt. Lee Strollo told media.


Authorities say that there could be charges filed against the person who owns the gun. The gun should have been “in a locked box with only the adult owner having possession of that key.”Police said that the gun should never have been out in the open to begin with and that the children should not have been left at home alone either. An investigation is underway. The boy becomes one of at least 90 minors shot in Philadelphia this year alone.