Shooting and a person dead outside a restaurant in Maryland


One person is dead and two others are injured following a late Thursday outside a restaurant at a mall in Maryland, in Prince George’s County. One person’s injuries were potentially life threatening. The incident happened outside the Silver Diner in Glenarden, just outside Washington, D.C. The did not appear to be random. “I believe two people were at each other,” police chief Philip O’Donnell told reporters. Witnesses told they heard 12 or 13 gunshots. The police chief said he did not have information on the suspects, and the investigation would be taken over by the county. None of the victims were identified. Two cars that had crashed were at the scene and police say the vehicles were connected to the shooting.


No arrests have been made and no suspects were named. Motive is unknown.”We are shocked & dismayed by the events at Woodmore Town Center, where we have a Silver Diner,” the operators of the diner transmitted in a twitted message. There is hope that some detail will be revealed to police by witnesses contributing to clarify the situation. If not, the investigation will be closed without significatives results. But after all, this incident is another one involving firearm possession: nothing different for American life style.