A multi-story apartment block partialy collapsed a few miles north of Miami Beach


Early Thursday a multi-story building,apartment block, partialy collapsed near 88 Street & Collins Avenue in Surfside, Florida, a few miles north of Miami Beach. The building, which was built in 1981, comprises of 136 apartments. The apartments sold for up to $915,000. The collapse is estimated to have occurred just after 1 a.m. local time. More than 80 rescue units intervened at the location. A massive search and rescue effort was underway. A significant portion of the building was missing. Photos and video from the scene show that the collapse affected half the 12-story tower.It was unknown how many people had been in the building and there was no word on how many people could be injured. Officials said they don’t know what caused the collapse.


It remains unclear if there were any fatalities or if residents were trapped in the rubble. Residents described hearing a loud boom at the time of the collapse. Witnesses claim to have heard people screaming beneath the rubble. Police blocked nearby roads, and scores of fire and rescue vehicles, ambulances and police cars swarmed the area. At least one person has died, according to local media. At least nine, including a firefighter, have been taken to hospital. One of them is in a critical condition. Multiple others are thought to be injured. There are fears that many more people may be dead. This isn’t the first time a building in Miami has collapsed.