A tornado produced big damage in the Chicago suburbs of Naperville and Woodridge


A tornado touched down in the Chicago suburbs of Naperville and Woodridge in the overnight hours. It was the most intense tornado this area has seen in a long time. It caused severe damage to some of the homes in the area. Woodridge police said the tornado touched down east of Route 53 between 83rd Street and 75th Street. It then moved into the Darien and Burr Ridge area. Large trees snapped off at the base. Branches and trees littered roads and front yards, as did pieces of drywall and shingles from homes. In Woodridge, at least 75 homes were damaged, including one home had the entire second story missing, while others had damage to roofs and garages.There was also significant damage in South Haven, Indiana, with cars and rooftops destroyed.


Initially there were no reports of any serious injuries or fatalities but as of midnight 34,000 customers were without power. Some emergency responders are trying to reach anyone who may need help, while others work to clear roads to help them get through. Some people were however hospitalized. Extended school year classes, the Summer Science Camp and EL programs were all canceled for Monday. Tornadoes are a common threat along so-called squall lines of severe thunderstorms. They can happen at night and are often rain-wrapped and difficult to see. Many of the tornadoes in a squall line are rated EF0 or EF1. But occasionally they can be strong and produce EF2 or worse damage.


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