A car out of control hit and injured ten people in East Boston at Logan Airport


The victims were taken to area hospitals. Police, fire and ambulance vehicles were in the area. Massachusetts State Police tweeted at about 2 p.m. that a vehicle struck pedestrians near the airport’s taxi pool. The 56-year-old driver from Cambridge was interviewed by investigators and cooperated. His identity has not been released. “At this preliminary point in the investigation, there is no information that suggests the crash was intentional,” police said.

Scene of the accident

The incident, which occurred  on the eve of the Independence Day holiday in the US is being treated as an accident, not an act of terrorism. The driver told authorities that he accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake. The cause of the crash remains under investigation.  The patio where people were hit is used by cab drivers while they take a break. Incidents involving drivers who plowed into crowds at public places, was previously a tactic endorsed many times by the Islamic State. People are reacting with fear for their lives when a such incident occur.


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