Girl was saved after falling from a ride


The girl wearing blue shorts and a gray shirt was angling from a stopped gondola and screaming. Some people had a rapid reaction gathering beneath the dangling girl, their arms outstretched. Another person climbed into a tree which was in the area to try to break off and move back branches.

The Six Flags Great Escape ride

The girl plummeted to the ground, hitting a tree branch before being caught by crowd and transported to receive medical help. She was first treated by park emergency medical staff. Finally she was flown by helicopter to Albany Medical Center but in stable condition with no serious injuries. Another person, a 47 old man, suffered a back injury as he tried to catch the girl. Even if the first investigation found that “everything was in proper working order and all safety equipment was intact and operational at the time of the incident,” the ride will remain closed until a review will be performed.


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