Teen girl from Vancouver committed suicide because of cyberbullying


A couple of years back she lived a happy teenager life. But as teenagers are she wanted to meet new people and she started on the internet. She even did webcam chats and one day someone convinced her to flash. She did and from that moment on her life changed.

A year later someone contacted her and demanded she did a strip act or he will reveal a photo of her boobs to all her friends. That someone knew her address, the name of the school she was attending to and the names of her family and best friends. She ignored him and few months’ later police came knocking at her door after the photo was made public.

She changed schools in order to escape from this nightmare and she began having anxiety and panic attacks. She looked for love in the wrong place. An old friend contacted her and while his girlfriend was away they hitched. That boy’s girlfriend found out about the two and took revenge on Amanda Todd. She was punched several times in the schoolyard.  She was publicly humiliated.

She changed schools again. Todd was searching for a safe place. She was tagged by everybody but she wanted people to know her story so she opened a YouTube channel. She told her story last month in a 9 minute video



In her last month of life Amanda Todd tried to fight Cyber Bullying. It appears for her it was too late. Rest in Paradise Amanda Todd!



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