Mom buys iPad from Walmart and discovers a notepad in the box


Initially she thought this was a bad joke. After she confronted her parents she found out the truth. Apparently some clever crook bought the iPad, replaced it with a notepad and packaged it again to look like factory packaging. The iPad was most likely returned to the store, and because of someone’s greed an innocent customer like Courtney was left with a package stuffed with paper.

The family went back to Walmart with the notepad in order to get their iPad. After talking with a Walmart manager they did not get an iPad or their money back but instead they were asked to leave the store.

Being frustrated because the store manager did not solve their problem they went to KHOU TV News and told their story. KHOU contacted Walmart’s corporate office and helped solve this problem. Dianna Gee, a Walmart spokeswoman, released a public apology and after confirming the family was the victim of someone’s fraudulent return said Walmart will send an iPad as a gift to Courtney Akers.


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