This time the shooter was a girl; three wounded at an Idaho middle school


Two children and one adult were shot Thursday at an Idaho middle school in Rigby. “I am praying for the lives and safety of those involved in today’s tragic events,” Idaho Gov. Brad Little tweeted. “Thank you to our law enforcement agencies and school leaders for their efforts in responding to the incident. I am staying updated on the situation.” The injured are in a stable situation at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. They all suffered bullet wounds to their arms and legs. One of them have been shot twice. Multiple law enforcement agencies responded. A sixth-grade girl was identified as the person who opened fire. The student pulled a handgun from her bookbag and fired multiple rounds both inside and outside the school. After, she was disarmed by a female teacher. She is in the police custody which didn’t release her name.


Students were evacuated to a nearby high school where parents were asked to pick them up. The incident was the second school in Idaho’s history. Police are investigating where the girl got the firearm. Jefferson County Prosecutor Mark Taylor said once the investigation is completed his office “will be filing appropriate charges, possibly including three counts of attempted murder.” All schools will be closed Friday in response to the , the school district said. Counselors will be available at Rigby High School throughout the day.