Big explosion at a gender reveal party was believed as an earthquake, in New Hampshire


A New Hampshire family’s was very different on Tuesday evening. Someone at the party prepared a big explosion of 80 pounds (36 kilograms) of Tannerite. It could be heard from across the state line and produced reports of an earthquake. Police in Kingston responded to Torromeo quarry. Nearby residents said the blast rocked their homes and some reported property damage. Some observed cracks in the foundation of their homes from the explosion. No injuries were reported, police said. The person who bought and detonated the explosives has turned himself into police. Police said an investigation is ongoing and they will make a determination on charges. Tannerite is a brand of binary explosive targets used for firearms practice and sold in kit form. It can be transported and sold in many places without the legal restrictions that would otherwise apply to explosives.


A gender-reveal party is a party held during pregnancy to reveal the baby’s sex to the expectant parents, family, and friends. It originated and developed in the late 2000s. The practice is controversial and has been criticized. Some instances of attempted spectacular special effects at gender-reveals have caused injury, death, and even large-scale damage. On February 21, 2021, as an example, the accidental explosion of an in-development gender reveal device in Liberty, New York, killed the father-to-be and injured his younger brother.