Many killed in a shooting at the San Francisco UPS distribution center


People were screaming, “‘Go. Go. Get outside.” A witness says he heard at least five gunshots and saw UPS drivers running down the street. The led to a massive police response and a shelter-in-place warning. The attacker fatally shot himself in the head when police officers encountered him inside the building. Officers didn’t fire at the gunman. 

  After incident at the San Francisco UPS distribution center

Police identified the gunman as Jimmy Lam, 38, of San Francisco. Neither police nor the company would confirm that the killer worked for UPS. Police had recovered two guns, including an assault pistol that the killer used to take his own life. The San Francisco Medical Examiner identified the victims as Wayne Chan, 56, and Benson Louie, 50, of San Francisco and Michael Lefiti 46, of Hercules. As part of the investigation, officers raided Lam’s apartment in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond District. A motive in the killings has not been determined. San Francisco authorities say they’re interviewing the families of victims and witnesses.


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