Several people are missing after a lift boat capsized near the Louisiana coast


A large 129-foot commercial lift boat, named the Seacor Power, capsized off Port Fourchon, near the Louisiana coast, after a severe storm passed through the area on Tuesday afternoon. 18 people were on board before the lift boat. An urgent marine information broadcast was issued, and multiple “good Samaritan boatcrews” responded. The capsizing drew a large-scale rescue effort that continued late into the night, with help from civilian boaters. The Coast Guard said it had deployed two cutters, two smaller boats, a helicopter and an airplane. Six people were rescued and a dozen others were believed to be missing. A lift boat is a self-propelled work vessel with a broad open deck commonly found along the Gulf Coast. They support drilling, construction and oceanic exploration and can work in shallow or deepwater settings.


The Seacor Power is a commercial lift vessel, designed to become an offshore platform by dropping three towering legs down to the sea floor. Port Fourchon, Louisiana’s southernmost seaport, is a major base for the U.S. oil and gas industry, supporting most of Louisiana’s offshore platforms and drilling rigs.The National Weather Service in New Orleans issued a special marine warning Tuesday about steep waves for the coastal waters from Port Fourchon to Lower Atchafalaya River, Louisiana.