Romney Closes in on President Obama After Victory in Presidential Debate


CBS news and Quinnipiac University also confirmed this fact that Mitt has slashed the presidential lead. Last month polls showed that Obama was leading by six percent but according to recent polls, it was revealed that now Obama lead Romney only by 3 percent. Last month, Obama was leading Romney by 51 percent to 45 percent but now the difference has been reduced to only 3 percent. In another poll at Colorado, Obama is now having an edge of only one point. Both Romney and Obama are now giving each other a tough Presidential race in which Obama is currently leading by 48 percent to Romney’s 47 percent. The statistics have a normal margin of error.

The third polling was conducted at Virginia and the polling indicates the same scenario. Earlier, President Barack Obama led Romney by 5 percent. That is, he was leading with 51 percent to Romney’s 46 percent. However, in September, the lead was reduced down to 50 percent to 46 percent. All these three polling were conducted within October 4-9 and few days after presidential meeting, a survey was undertaken in which voters were asked to express their opinion.  Some voters are of the opinion that Romney was the winner of the last week’s presidential debate. According to a section of people, the debate has left a more positive image of Romney however; majority said debate has nothing to do with their votes.

There was tough competition between Obama and Romney in Colorado and in Virginia. A survey was conducted in which voters were asked about the impact of presidential debate. Only 16 percent of the voters agreed to the fact that Mr. Obama has won the debate and 72 percent of those support Romney. The same results were found in Virginia where 70 percent supported Romney and 17 opted for presidents Obama. Similar results were observed in the survey of Wisconsin. The combined results indicate that presidential debate has positive influence on voters and impression of Romney on public has improved. The debate was not so good for Obama since he has failed to capitulate on it fully. On the contrary, Romney has gained all the advantages of winning the debate as voters aggressively voted in his favor in these early polls.


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