A tourist was wounded by a stray bullet in the New York City, Wednesday


A tourist from Kansas, a 44-year-old man, was hit in the shoulder by a stray bullet in the New York City, near Times Square, (West 38th Street and Eighth Avenue) early Wednesday. The man, who was headed to his hotel when shots were fired, was taken to Bellevue Hospital and is expected to be OK. No arrests have been made. Stray bullets are a form of gun violence. In many cases, the person who shot remains unknown. But that means a person possibly died without knowing the killer. Technically, the victim was at the wrong time or in the wrong place when the incident occurred. Hundreds kids were between victims.


A study in the U.S. determined, based on statistics, that the shooters who were involved in stray bullets incidents were predominantly male (95.9%); 62.0% were aged 15 years to 34 years. Stray bullet shootings are epidemiologically distinct from other firearm-related injury events. It is likely that not all stray bullet shootings were identified, there may have been differential reporting related to severity of outcome, and missing data were common. A stray bullet producer can’t be considered an innocent because this involves the use of a firearm. Families mourn lost members and in the spirit of the law those are crimes and this is a danger in the society.