A Missouri man was freed after staying 17 years in prison by a mistake


At the time of sentencing, Jones had two young daughters: one, a baby just a few months old. Now, attorneys discovered he had a doppelganger. It’s a man who looked nearly identical to him and had a similar name. Witnesses presented with photos have not more identified him as the author of the robbery but at the moment of sentencing all was based on eyewitness testimony. Last week, Jones’ youngest daughter, now 17-year-old girl, saw him for the first time she can remember. It’s an interesting fact how Jones acknowledged about his doppelganger existence: in 2015, other inmates at Lansing Correctional Facility told him this.

              Jones is meeting with his family
The suite of the story is related to the involvement of attorneys at the Midwest Innocence Project and the Project for Innocence at the University of Kansas Law School. Some evidences linked the other man, Ricky Lee Amos, to the place were the robbery occurred time ago. For the instant, Amos, who is currently incarcerated in Sedgwick County, Kansas for another fact, is not charged with the robbery and has denied any involvement. Kansas has no law that stipulates compensation for people whose convictions are overturned. Some money for Jones was donated be people by an online fundraiser.


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