Strange auto accident at Bodega Bay, two women were killed


Dozens of people at a popular Northern California coastal overlook at the Bodega Bay watched as an SUV drove through a parking lot without braking and then plunged off a cliff into the rocks below. The SUV fell 100 feet. The vehicle drove through a wooden barrier in a large parking area. “It didn’t stop. There was no accelerating but also no braking,” people said. Authorities identified the driver as Maria Teixeira, 64, and the passenger as Elizabeth Correia, 41, both of the San Francisco Bay Area city of Dublin. Both were found dead at the place of the crash. They were mpther and daughter. Both worked at public elementary schools in the Pleasanton area, Correia as a first-grade teacher and Teixeira as the lead custodian. It’s not known if the crash was accidental or intentional. If it was intentional the question is „why ?”


In a letter Monday, the principal of the school where Teixeira worked, Montevideo Elementary, called her a “fixture in our community.” “She enjoys teaching, reading, music, art, movies, Disneyland and spending time with friends and family,” the website of the school says. California Highway Patrol spokesman David deRutte said the vehicle “was driving at a normal speed.” Photos from the scene showed the SUV on its roof on the rocks below. Bodega Bay is a shallow, rocky inlet of the Pacific Ocean on the coast of northern California, located approximately 40 mi (60 km) northwest of San Francisco.