An elderly woman in New Jersey had a stupid pedestrian accident being distracted by phone


According police, the woman was seriously hurt but she is now in stable condition. Distraction due to the use of cellphones is a  documented cause for many accidents. Statistics prove this is the cause for one in four car crashes in America. Even hands free phones were involved. The NSC found that 9% of drivers at any time during daylight hours were talking on cell phones. Another 1.7% of all drivers manually manipulate phones. Distracted driving is one of the America’s most pressing transportation challenges, the National Transportation Safety Board says. In the top of the most worst cell phone related injury accidents is included the accident produced in September 2008 by collision between a California Metrolink train carrying commuters with a freight train, another produced by a California female resident who was driving and paying bills via cell phone, another made in 2004 by a 22-year-old male driver who was deleting messages on his cell phone and other similar. In almost all cases people were killed and the guilty persons were jailed up to ten years.


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