A massive fire destroyed a residential assisted-living center in a suburb of New York City


The Evergreen Court Home for Adults in Spring Valley, a suburb of New York City, a residential assisted-living center about 40 miles north of Manhattan, caught fire Tuesday. The massive blaze could be seen for miles. The fire erupted about 1:40 a.m.Twenty-three of the 27 volunteer fire departments in Rothland County, New York, responded to the scene, with more than 100 firefighters. About 20 to 25 residents of the building were rescued, and about 20 were taken to local hospitals. Several parts of the building collapsed. Witnesses also reported hearing explosions inside. One firefighter who was trying to rescue someone on the third floor got lost and issued a mayday call during the blaze. He remained unaccounted for on Tuesday morning. The other firefighters couldn’t find him in the fire. Two firefighters were sent to area hospitals. Another suffered a heart attack.


A resident was dead. Others were injured. Residents were put onto a school bus. Some of the seniors were evacuated to to the nearby Golden Acre Rest Home. Earlier reports indicated that people may have been trapped inside. Officials believe everyone is accounted for. The facility, which has about 200 beds, is a total loss. The cause of the blaze was unknown. A joint investigation is ongoing with city and state police.