Fireworks explosion in California, two dead and millions dollars damage


Two people were killed earlier this week in Ontario, California, after powerful commercial . “A large amount of fireworks at a house ignited, causing a large structure fire,” the City of Ontario tweeted.. About 80 homes were within the explosion’s radius and dozens were damaged. Many people were evacuated. Multiple police and fire units responded to the scene. About 50 firefighter were at the place. Residents told that there were at least three explosions. „TheFireworks are illegal in Ontario, as in many California cities, and investigators are using bar codes on the explosives to trace where they were purchased.


Authorities, including the FBI, are investigating where the huge stash of fireworks came from. first explosion was like an earthquake” they said. The explosion is under investigation. Experts have burned nearly 200 bins, each holding about 27 gallons (102.21 liters) , full of fireworks to safely destroy them. Other controlled burns are expected to occur over the next few days. Authorities are still working to determine how the fireworks got to the city and what caused the explosion. Damage was estimated at $3.2 million dollars. Video of the incident has gone viral on social media. They show a plume of smoke rising into the air, accompanied by the pops and flashes of multiple fireworks.