A 5-year-old-boy was shot in head by a stray bullet, in Bronx


The little boy was shot and the suspected shooter ran south on Washington Ave. The father took the boy into the car and transported him to nearby St. Barnabas Hospital. Being in critical condition, the boy was later transferred to New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia. There is a hope that the bullet have not caused brain damage. It is expected to survive. Police tries to identify the shooter using records of a surveillance camera on the area. A man was sprinting away on the record. Several bullets were recovered from the scene. Officials asked people to offer any information to help investigate. “I’m just asking everyone to please pray for this young man, that he makes a recovery,” said Vanessa Gibson, New York City Council member. A few hours after incident, police took a man into custody. Mayor Bill de Blasio addressed the incident on Twitter Monday evening.

A study by Garen Wintemute, professor of emergency medicine and director of the Violence Prevention Research Program at UC Davis School of Medicine and Medical Center determined that 50 percent of stray-bullet shootings in the U.S. affect women and children.


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