American President Biden promised a normal life like in July, in his country


In an optimistic speech to the nation President Biden affirmed life in the US should resemble something close to normal by the 4th of July holiday. This should be possible by mass vaccination. All American adults will be eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination by May, “much earlier” than previously expected. “Over a year ago no-one could have imagined what we were about to go through,” Biden said. “But now, we’re coming through it,” Biden said. “If we all do our part, this country will be vaccinated soon. Our economy will be on the mend. Our kids will be back in school. We’ll have proven, once again, that this country can do anything, hard things, big things, important things,” he added. Mr Biden started by acknowledging America’s horrendous coronavirus death toll, which currently stands at 530,000.


Affirming the American capability, Biden said: “No other country in the world has done this. None.” Mr Biden issued a further promise that, from that point at the start of May, the government would have “new tools” up and running to help people find places to get the vaccines. As a forced conclusion to his speech, the President emphasized: “Where we not only mark our independence as a nation, but we begin to mark our independence from this virus.” Under President Biden, the role of American government is being redefined. There is now an assumption that government should step in to reduce economic insecurity and inequality.