Big fire in industrial area of Compton was visible from Los Angeles


A massive fire in an industrial area of Compton which was visible across Los Angeles spread through several businesses and engulfed multiple structures and buses in flames, sending a thick plume of smoke into the sky Friday. Officials said the commercial complex included a pallet yard, transportation business and family owned mattress company. The fire began in the pallet yard. Multiple structures were reduced to rubble, at least a dozen buses were scorched, several transformers reportedly exploded and power lines were downed. A massive column of smoke could be seen from several miles away.


Dozens of fire trucks responded. Fire crews surrounded the area as flames ripped through rows of school and charter-style buses parked in a lot next door. Crews from the Los Angeles County Fire and Downey Fire departments also responded to the scene. The fire hydrants were not working when fire crews arrived. The water pressure was low. Residents from nearby apartments were evacuated. The fire was largely extinguished within about three or four hours. No injuries have been reported. The cause of the fire is under investigation.