CEO threats workers with unemployment if Obama gets re-elected


Present economy does not put in danger anyone’s job from Westgate Resorts. But according to David Siegel, if Obama is to be re-elected, people will be fired.

Siegel did not send this letter to force anyone to vote his way but rather to complain about a system that is unfair to the rich people. He explains in the letter that while he has worked all his life and did not afford the luxury to take time off from work (not even in the evenings) the current Obama administration penalizes people like him in order to bail out people that did not get to make the right choices.

Furthermore he adds that people although they did not work as hard as him feel they are entitled to the same luxury he has. He feels he has sacrificed 42 years of his life and if things continue to go on like this he will be forced to retire somewhere on a tropical island where he won’t have to worry about employees.

Initially Westgate Resorts employees thought this letter was a fake until David Siegel took credit for it.


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