Students experience terrifying ride as they get trapped on a new roller coaster


In the middle of a lightning storm, the Six Flags over Texas park had students stranded sky-high for hours. A rescue operation was needed as a roller coaster car got stuck on their new silver roller coaster. Eight students were stuck on the Joker Ride at Six Flags in Arlington. The cart started rocking back and forward and then stopped. Just after midnight an automatic measure triggered by the powerful winds from the area cut the power from the ride and thus left the students trapped high in the sky where they were whipped by strong winds and rain.

People on the ground were able to see them dangling their feet in fear. After being rescued, one of the victims related how she was shaking and crying as she was scared and wet. It rained very heavily. Park officials reportedly didn’t notice something was wrong for close to 20 minutes
Only at 12:30 a.m. fire fighters received the first call. Once they got to the scene they used ladder trucks to reach twelve stories up. Rescue operations finished at 3:40 a.m. when the last person was brought to the ground.

When reached for comment, park officials from Six Flags over Texas had the following to declare: “The safety of our guest is our highest priority… Our engineers are currently conducting a thorough inspection… “. Nobody was hurt on the ride as the rescued students are all ok now. The ride will now remain closed until an inspection is complete.


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