American Airlines Flight 31 from Los Angeles to Hawaii was escorted by two military jets


The flight attendant ran down the aisle with her serving cart and blocked the doorway separating first class from the rest of the plane. Passengers came up from behind and grabbed the man who was restrained with duct tape for the rest of the flight. At no time during the incident was there any violence or significant struggle, witnesses said. U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly was briefed on the midair disturbance. After the cockpit called for help, federal agents were sent to wait for the plane and two F-22 Raptors military jets from the Air National Guard scrambled to meet the plane. American Airlines said in a statement that law enforcement met the plane upon landing in Honolulu. The disturbing passenger was taken in custody for medical evaluation. A passenger communicated on Instagram afer landing in Honolulu: “Crazy! Someone tried to break into the cockpit on my flight from LA to Honolulu. We were greeted by the FBI. They are now taking us off the plane a few rows at a time for dog sniffing and interviews. I’ve never seen anything like this. Please credit BPLUS.noisefloor.dnb as the source.”


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