Graduate American student in film and electronic media eats food he is finding in the trash


He eats all manner of food, including fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk and meat and says that he even eats healthier than most people. He began dumpster diving in 2014 while he was volunteering at Food Not Bombs, an organization that collects unsold food from stores and donates it to food pantries. This was the moment when he observed how much good food is sent yo trash in the US. “It’s an absurd amount of food waste in the U.S “, he says, and statistics confirm approximately 40 percent of all food in the U.S. goes uneaten. Other people go shopping for their food; I’ll go around back and see what’s available,.” Reid confesses. He argues that “people would be surprised about the level of quality of food” in dumpsters.

Finding food this way it rarely takes him longer than a typical trip to the supermarket. He is healthy and in good shape. Even if he proved this is a way to have support for life, Reid says this way of life isn’t for everyone. For him this was an option like a hobby and now he is total addicted. That’s is !


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