A large number of the Mayo Clinic employees have the COVID-19 virus


In the last 14 days, 905 Mayo Clinic employees in the Midwest, including in Minnesota and Wisconsin, have been diagnosed with COVID-19. It represents more than 30% of the total number of staff cases during the pandemic. Across the Midwest, about 1,500 Mayo Clinic employees have work restrictions due to COVID-19 exposure, diagnosis or having to care for family members who are sick, officials said. It must be said, most of the exposure – about 93% – happened in the community, not at work. The Mayo Clinic is recruiting health care workers back from recent retirement, bringing in staff from other sites (primarily Arizona), temporarily moving research nurses into patient care roles and reducing elective care to redeploy staff to COVID-19 patients.


Expecting hospitalizations to increase, the Mayo Clinic Hospital’s Saint Marys Campus in Rochester is increasing the number of medical beds. Gov. Tim Walz on Wednesday announced new coronavirus restrictions. Weddings and private parties, also in-person social gatherings outside of the household are now prohibited.