Arches National Park sued for $270 million after a young woman was killed in tragic accident


The family of a newlywed woman ‘decapitated by a metal gate’ at a Utah national park while on a trip with her new husband is suing the park for $270 million. Esther Nakajjigo, 25, died on June 13. She sat in the passenger seat next to her husband Ludovic Michaud, 26, as they exited the parking lot of the Utah landmark. An unsecured metal gate swung into the road, decapitating the young woman. The park is accused of not securing the gate. They were celebrating the one-year anniversary of their first date. Esther’s family has filed a $270 million wrongful death claim against Arches National Park. “The National Park Service has, in fact, known for decades that an unsecured metal pipe gate creates an undetectable hazard and dangerous condition,” the claim states.


Michaud’s attorneys also said the federal government was aware of the dangers. Three other people have died from similar incidents involving gates in the last 32 years. Nakajjigo was born in Kampala, Uganda, and used her university tuition money to start a nonprofit community health care center when she was 17. The United Nations Population Fund gave her a Woman Achiever Award when she was 17. She created a popular reality television series aimed at empowering young mothers, having an audience of 6.3 million each week.