Hollywood sign finally gets a major makeover

The legendary sign from Tinseltown did not get a serious face-lift in 35 years. Over time the letters from the iconic Hollywood sign have faded. But the sign from the hills of Los Angeles was not forgotten as authorities periodically added extra layers of paint to ensure the Hollywood letters keep their white color.

As part of an even more ambitious project the sign will get a major makeover. After all the old paint will be stripped off, workers will add a protective layer (acrylic primer) and then coat it with white paint.

The Hollywood sign has a history of its own. It originally read HOLLY WOOD LAND. The sign was initially illuminated by four thousand 20 WATT bulbs. Its purpose was to promote Harry Chandler's Hollywoodland real estate development. During the Great Depression the sign began to ruin as it was no longer maintained. Hollywood Chamber of Commerce removed the last four letters and repaired the sign we all know today as the Hollywood sign.

Along the years the sign saw many repair attempts. One of the most memorable ones happened in 1978. Then Hugh Hefner convinced celebrities to sponsor the sign's refurbishment. But time takes its toll. Now, after this last makeover, the sign will again have that glimmering look.