A boy aged three shot himself and died at his birthday party in Texas


A 3-year-old boy has died at his birthday celebration at a family residence in Porter, Texas, Saturday, 25 miles (40 kilometers) northeast of Houston. He was accidentally himself in the chest after finding a family member’s gun. “Family and friends had gathered earlier to celebrate the birthday of the three-year-old, and while playing cards, heard a gunshot,” the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. The unnamed 3-year-old boy was rushed to a nearby fire station but succumbed to his injuries. The circumstances surrounding how the family member lost their firearm at the party was not disclosed.


Children finding guns and killing themselves and others is common in the United States. It is at least the fifth fatal accidental by a child this year in Texas.The Gun Safety Support Fund said there have been at least 229 unintentional shootings by children this year, leaving 87 dead and 139 injured. Earlier this month, a three-year-old boy from Aloha, Oregon, died after finding a loaded firearm in his home and accidentally himself in the head. An estimated 4.6 million American children live in homes with at least one gun that is loaded and unlocked.