Unidentified man in a jetpack spotted at 6,000 feet near the Los Angeles Airport


A Chinese flight crew spotted Wednesday an unidentified man flying in a jetpack near the Los Angeles International Airport at an approximate altitude of 6,000 feet. This happened again. The flight path was between two cities in southeastern Los Angeles County – Lynwood and Huntington Park. An American Airlines flight was the first to report a “guy in a jetpack” at the plane’s’ altitude of 3,000 feet above Los Angeles International Airport on September 1. The FAA said it alerted local law enforcement agencies and are investigating the report.


“It’s very, very unlikely with the existing technology,” said Mayman, CEO of the Los Angeles-based company Jetpack Aviation. “I’m open to being surprised. But I don’t think there’s anyone working on technology that could do a flight from ground level to 3,000 feet and then come back down again.” Several commercial jetpacks that can climb several thousand feet are available for purchase, but they carry only a few minutes’ worth of fuel. One company, Jet Pack Aviation, lists speeds topping 120 mph and a maximum altitude of 15,000 feet for a system powered by six jet engines.