President Trump returned to the Oval Office and don’t want a virtual debate with Biden


President has announced that he has absolutely no intention of taking part in a virtual debate with Joe Biden, just minutes after the Commission on Presidential Debates confirmed the pre-election event would take place remotely to keep everyone safe. ust before Trump went live, the CPD announced the debate would be virtual “to protect the health and safety of all involved.” “ clearly does not want to face questions from the voters about his failures on COVID and the economy,” a Biden campaign spokesperson said. “The voters should have a chance to ask questions of both candidates, directly. Every Presidential candidate since 1992 has participated in such an event, and it would be a shame if was the first to refuse, he added.” Trump repeatedly insisted that he was feeling great after being pumped full of experimental medicines for a week. “I think I am better… I would love to do a rally tonight,” he said.


Despite testing positive for the coronavirus less than a week ago, President Donald Trump returned to the Oval Office on Wednesday afternoon and released a video where he declared himself cured as a result of the experimental antibody drug cocktail he’d been administered. „We have hundreds of thousands of doses that are just about ready,” he said. Regeneron confirmed it will have 50,000 doses of the cocktail soon and 300,000 doses available in the next few months.