Two girls, college students, fell off four stories at a roof party in North Philadelphia


Two women, college students, have been hospitalized after plummeting four stories while they were trying to take a selfie at a rooftop party in North Philadelphia in the weekend. One of the students suffered leg and ankle injuries and the other is in critical but stable condition with injuries to multiple parts of her body. The building’s management company says that the building has a rooftop deck with a parapet wall and railings. “There’s not enough room blocking you from falling off, “ aTemple University student declared. The circumstances around the accident and the events leading up to it are not clear.


Temple Police are handling the investigation, which is also being assisted by the Philadelphia Police. This is not the first time a Temple University student has fallen off of a rooftop while attending a rooftop party. A similar incident already happened just blocks away seven years a go and a girl died. Neighbors expressed hope that some rules will be imposed to prevent such dramatic events in the future. To always get the young adults, who are still children at heart, and they have no fear,” one of them declared.