Several people died in a hostage situation in Salem, Oregon


Deputies from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call of a possible on Juneva Place SE around 12:30 p.m. in Salem, Oregon, on Monday. A trained hostage negotiator was on scene and attempted to speak with the suspect over the phone but “shots were fired.” It’s believed at least one deputy opened fire. “There were multiple fatalities during this incident, including that of the suspect,” a statement said. No deputies were injured. The Sheriff’s office declined to provide information regarding how many people were killed, who killed them, or what led up to the deaths. Oregon State Police, who are now investigating the case, also would not comment on the circumstances of the , or confirm how many officers fired shots.


A neighbor who lived nearby and heard the situation unfold said she heard “three shots and then within five minutes, a bang”. Any deputies involved in the would be placed on administrative leave while the is being investigated, as outlined by protocol, officials said.