22 people were injured in an accident with cranes, in Austin


Two construction cranes collided Wednesday at a construction site in Austin, Texas, causing one of them to partially collapse and injuring at least 22 workers. The accident took place at a mixed-use development called the Mueller complex in East Austin, in an area with significant construction. Eight ambulances responded to the incident and 16 people were taken to a hospital, according to Cmdr. Mike Benavides, a spokesman for the Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services.The cause of the accident was still under investigation. Most of the injuries occurred when workers scrambled away from the accident scene. One of the crane operators was still inside the crane cabin about 150 feet above the ground more than an hour after the accident. The operator was safe.


The cranes’ bases were stable and that investigators didn’t believe they were in danger of falling over. Some accidents are nearly impossible to anticipate or prevent. More workers die in Texas in work accidents than in any other state. Federal data concluded that a Texas worker is 12% more likely to be killed on the job than someone doing the same job elsewhere.