Ten years old Brady Snakovsky helped hundreds K9 police dogs to receive bulletproof vests


, 10 year old, is a very special kid from Ohio. Taking initiative and using a GoFundMe page in 2018 and later a non profit (Brady’s K-9 Fund) , he raised over $315,000 to provide bulletproof vests for police dogs. So far, Brady has supplied over 257 dogs with vests in 23 states and in Canada. His decision to implicate helping police dogs to have a safer work followed the day when he watched a documentary about the K9 units and observed the dog wasn’t as protected as his handler. Now, Brady loves his new dogs friends and one is very special. “K-9 Benny (is my favorite) because his handler was so thankful he started crying,” Brady said, adding that he’s become good friends with Benny’s handler. But we said Bradly is very special. So you must know he also created a dog park in Brunswick, his hometown, to allow police dogs a space to train with their handlers.


But who is ? What we know about him ? While on family vacation, he enjoys eating crab legs and lobster and can be found checking out the ice cream buffet. When he’s not playing video games, you can find him playing baseball and flag football. has two dogs, a goldendoodle named Leo and a Jack Russell-Yorkie mix named Julia. He got noticed by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which named Snakovsky its 2019 Kid of the Year. An well, he wants to become a police officer.” Every day, every morning, I dressed up as a police officer,” he says. “I made my friends call me Officer Brady.”