Mitt Romney Suggests Tax Deduction, Possibly by $17,000


On Wednesday, when Romney arrived in Denver for confrontation with Obama, he was pressurized to give details about his economic plan by his opponents and party members. He argued, “If certain loopholes are removed, then he can still reduce the budget deficit even with 20% tax deduction. Romney also told the interviewers that he would discuss about the loopholes with Congress after the election.

Romney has given a clue about his plan to manage the tax code on Monday. He stated during his visit to Denver while speaking to Denver’s FOX 31. He said, “You could now use your charitable deduction, healthcare deduction or your mortgage deduction as you are going to have a deduction of $17,000 but the people with higher income level will have to pay (as they might get lower cuts).

Lis Smith, s spokeswoman stated, “The Obama campaign was not moved by the Romney’s plan that is more tilted towards wealthy Americans by closing the tax loopholes for them in order to accomplish his $5 trillion tax cut plan. According to independent analysts, the elimination of deductions that he is offering will be beneficial only for the middle class families.”

Romney also told the Denver post that he will not cancel work permits of illegal immigrants as was done by President Obama in order to make an appeal to Latino voters occupying a significant portion of Colorado electorate. He also assured to veto the DREAM Act i.e. a piece of draft legislation promised to give citizenship to young people (illegally entered in country with parents) if they joined the military or meet certain educational requirements.

When Romney was suggesting new policy revelations, Obama campaign came up with a new story that ridicules the Romney’s past undertakings to be problematic for China. But Amanda Henneberg, a Romney’s spokeswoman said, “President is trying to divert people’s attention from his failure with this act by favoring China”.

The Buckeye State Poll elections will start from now until the Election Day (Nov. 6).  A federal judge declared a law unconstitutional that was to prohibit the early access to the polls on Friday.


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