Burglary during wildfires time in California


Thousands of firefighters are responding to hundreds of wildfires raging across California. The fires have scorched more than 1 million acres, and show few signs of letting up. It’s a very difficult situation as many people were evacuated and firefighters are at the scene to battle with fires risking their lifes. However, for some people this is the time for burglary. Police are patrolling evacuated neighborhoods in Santa Cruz County, and will stop and arrest anyone that isn’t with the police or fire departments, Sheriff Jim Hart said during a Sunday press conference. A California firefighter’s wallet was stolen out of his work vehicle and his bank account was drained while he was battling a blaze. „It’s absolutely disgusting behavior, I can’t, frankly, I can’t believe that somebody would actually have the nerve to break into a firefighter’s vehicle or enter their vehicle to steal something from them when they’re there to protect the community. Honestly it blows me away,” Chief Deputy Chris Clark with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office said.


Five people were arrested for targeting homes of residents evacuated due to wildfires in Santa Cruz County, the sheriff’s department said Friday. Authorities arrested Jose Gandarilla, Susana Luna, Crystal Araujo, Sara Loretz and Crystle Parstch-Lucchesi on numerous charges, including looting, grand theft, conspiracy to commit a crime and burglary.” I have no empathy, I have no patience for somebody whose going to come into our community and steal from people who have been evacuated and victimized and traumatized.”