Disney World Florida theme parks will reduce the hours of daily operation


Disney’s four Florida theme parks will be trimming down their hours of daily operation in September, after reopening on July 11 during the coronavirus quarantine. the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios will soon close an hour earlier, with Epcot shuttering two hours early and Animal Kingdom cutting back the day on either end, opening an hour later and closing one hour earlier. The company experienced lower-than-expected attendance and multiple cancellations/“Parks, Experiences and Products revenues for the quarter decreased 85 percent to $1.0 billion, and segment operating results decreased $3.7 billion to a loss of $2.0 billion,” Disney’s quarterly report, revealed last week.


Disney also revealed that the Florida theme park had seen more cancellations than anticipated. Disney World resort hotel restaurants require now temperature checks. Disney CEO Bob Chapek and Chief Financial Officer Christine McCarthy discussed the situation during a recent conference call. Florida saw an increase in infections. The new hours will run until October, which is when things will reportedly be reassessed to see if attendance is back up or not. One of the major reasons for the smaller crowds at Disney World is due to less out of state travel taking place all over the country.