A 69 years old farmer from Oregon was reportedly eaten by his pigs


His animals really meant a lot for him and he got over his stress disorder thanks to them. Garner really got along really well with his pigs, turkeys and with the other birds he had.

But last Wednesday Garner went to feed his animals and never came back. Parts of his remaining body, bones and dentures were found next to the place he kept his pigs. Investigators currently try to determine what really happened.  Terry Garner was once bitten by one of his pigs when he accidentally stepped over one of its piglets. But this happened last year and pigs are animals they don’t have the same feelings we have.

Hungry pigs can eat a man but they don’t do it unless they are fed one. Police doesn’t exclude the possibility that Garner suffered a heart attack while he was trying to feed the hungry pigs. Another hypothesis is that one of the pigs pushed him to the ground and knocked him unconscious. It was a horrific accident that no matter how it went on will remain plain weird.


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