Tragic event after the Scranton Half Marathon: one runner died


“(…) We are saddened when an actual emergency occurs and the outcome is not favorable,” the Scranton Half Marathon committee said in a statement. This is a tragic story but she died doing what she loved. The cause of Doherty’s death is still under investigation. What happened exactly will be known after the autopsy. Running these distances can damage internal organs. Some illnesses, such a cardiomyopathy, is often not diagnosed until after either a very serious or fatal event such as this. The heart can stop at any age. Marathons can be dangerous. Doherty was an agreable woman. She was a busy member of the parent/teacher group at St. Clare/St. Paul School in Scranton’s Green Ridge section, which her children attend, volunteered at St. Joseph’s Center, and was active with the Green Ridge Neighborhood Association.


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