Education is a serious thing, the principal of Harrisburg High School warned students


“We don’t like to suspend. I don’t even like talking about suspensions. But because we’re in a place where our school is a priority school, we need to send the message that we value education first,” she said. At least 100 students served one-day suspensions on Tuesday. School officials are working with parents of other students and many parents have provided documentation to explain the absences. This large urban high school is one of two public high schools operated by the Harrisburg City School District. The school  offers a wide variety of clubs, activities and an extensive, publicly funded sports program  

Phil Davis (current mixed martial arts fighter for Bellator MMA), Dennis Green (Super Bowl winning NFL head coach) and Ed Temple (women’s track and field coach at Tennessee State University and coach of many Olympians) were students of this school.Beginning with next year’s freshman class, Harrisburg High School is transitioning to personalized learning plans for every student, along with a much more flexible schedule for students to pursue their interests and get one-on-one help from teachers.


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