Wildfire accidentally produced consumed 700 acres of land and various properties in Florida


Things went wrong and the fire consuming around 700 acres of land, including 20 structures and forest. 150 people were displaced. The man  is expected to pay a “hefty” fine, several thousands of dollars, for the damages and the cost of fighting the fire. “He thought he could burn some stuff, and it got out of hand,” a neighbor said. Fortunately schools in Nassau County were on break and many residents were already out of the area even before the fire started, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

However two homes in Nassau County were destroyed. Six other homes were damaged and at least 19 sheds and other structures were severely damaged or considered a total loss. Firefighters will continue to work in the area for days. Called the Garfield Road Fire, this is the largest and most destructive wildland fire in Nassau County since 1998. A longer than normal fire season is anticipated across Florida, Texas and Oklahoma as warmer weather and drought lingers.


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