Parents facing murder charges after son was shot dead in strange circumstances


On Tuesday, Wendy, 28, was charged with child abuse, and Kansas, 31, was charged with having a gun. As a convicted felon, Kansas was not allowed to have one. Wendy told police that she left a loaded gun on a bed, and was about to put it in a holster when her two-year-old got ahold of it, and shot his brother in the head. Physical evidence found at the scene was different, the police said. According to police, they believe Kansas was at the scene when Landen was shot, and they also believe Kansas was shot in the arm. Wendy also tried to clean up the  house that was awash in blood – in the master bedroom, master bathroom, main bathroom, hallway, kitchen area, and sinks,  all that, while Landen lay dying. Kansas left home and came back several hours after police got the 911 call.


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