Five keys allowing All-Pass access in NYC listed for sale on eBay


The keys even provide their owner full access to many construction sites including to 1 World Trade Center.

Daniel Ferraris listed the key set for sale on eBay. The asking price is $150 but the keys are worth a lot more. In fact, if the keys were to end up in the wrong hands then they could help someone cause a lot of trouble. A reporter went undercover and bought the five keys from Ferraris for $149.95. As he was handed the keys he was asked not to try to use them even though they might still work.

And most of the keys still worked. Among them there was a master firefighter key that allows one to send all elevators from a skyscraper building to the lobby. Of the other keys three are standard issue for FDNY members.

Authorities are now on alert. Anti-terrorism is now a high-priority. Security experts say it is unbelievable that someone could get their hands on such keys so easily.


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