Former MMA fighter War Machine convicted of 29 counts could face life imprisonment


He could face life imprisonment. Mack, 24, had told the jury that Koppenhaver’s violence against her increased over the course of their 15-month relationship, culminating in the attack. After the incident in 2014 she left with a fractured eye socket, a broken nose, missing teeth, leg injuries and a lacerated liver. And it was not the first time when she was injured after altercations. Corey Thomas, the man who was also attacked in 2014, has been dating Mack for about two months. He suffered a broken nose, a dislocated shoulder, scrapes, bruises and bite marks while fighting with Koppenhaver. War Machine did not testify in his defense. It was disclosed by his attorney that he had suffered brain injuries during his fighting career and was using a mixture of antidepressant medication and steroids that could have contributed to dramatic mood swings. War Machine, born in California, was not only a professional mixed martial artist but a pornographic actor too.


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