UFO found by Google Street View in Texas


You can see the in streetview at the following location: Jacksonville, TX 75766 or by clicking this link.

Streetview is shown after zooming enough in places where a car with 15 lenses taking 360 degrees of photos has been before. The Street View Car has captured many interesting things on camera: from levitating kids to ghosts. Most of these can be explained. When you see a “ghost” in a Google Street View image it’s most likely because the way photos are taken and the way they are combined to make the final Street View.

Levitating children can be explained if the camera captures them while jumping, but how can an be explained? The sky in Jacksonville Texas was rather clear that day. Even if the pink fading is actually a cloud, why is it pink when a cloud nearby it is clearly white?

Experts disagree and say the chances of Google Street View Car capturing an UFO are slim and rather close to none. Google Street View is most likely showing a different colored UFO shaped cloud. The explanation of why a particular cloud is colored differently is that an artifact of sunlight might have refracted inside one of those 15 lenses the Google Car camera has.


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