President Donald Trump wants acceleration on drugs development


Trump’s message was consistent with conservatives’ interest in deregulation and in keeping with what he said on the campaign trail, when he said he would like to “speed the approval of life-saving medications” and pledged that he would be “cutting the red tape at the FDA.” Usually now, more than two-thirds of new drugs are approved on the basis of studies lasting six months or less and on average to develop a drug it takes 12 years to go from the research to the patient. Recently, speaking at an international conference, Bill Gates was the man who warned against the danger to not have vaccines effectives for epidemic illnesses who can threat humanity, due to the very long elaboration time. Congress and the FDA have created mechanisms to make this process go a lot faster in the past couple of decades. In 1992, the FDA created the “accelerated approval” process, which allows drugs to go ahead with even earlier-stage data if they would be used to treat a life-threatening or serious illness.  But it seems to not be yet the best optimization and this is what the President addressed.


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