Obama Leads in Ohio and Florida according to State Poll


Adam Entous, Siobhan Gorman and Evan Perez write in The Wall Street Journal that in some parts of Obama Administration, uneasiness is growing over the legal principle supporting U.S. drone-strike program that is pushing the top administration lawyers to come up with new legal framework to replace the previous “cowboy Behavior”.

Naftali Bendavid writes in The Wall Street Journal that in Indiana, to support the party’s Senate candidate, republicans are being forced but the current news is that GOP expectations of retrieving control over the Senate may be passed amongst the series of changing election landscape, missteps and retirements.

Jerry Markon and Alice Crites state in the Washington Post that When Mr. Obama moves to campaign in Ohio, he will be seen as frequent visitor to that state that has gained ample benefits from the current administration. Mr. Obama and Joe Biden have showed their appearance once every three weeks in Ohio.

“President Barack Obama is facing a serious challenge as he has to convince his voters as being the best candidate to address the issue of nation’s deficit of almost $ 1 trillion” stated by Jackie Calmes in the New York Times.

Alan Dershowitz states in the Wall Street Journal that President has directly responded towards Iran by saying that Iranian leadership will never be permitted to produce nuclear weapons and U.S. is ready to take the military action in any case.

Hillary Clinton is possessing three skills essential to the President’s office and therefore, deserves the opportunity to be the part of White House till 2016 as written by Nancy Goldstein in the Guardian.

Another joint survey (related to brand names association with the presidential candidates)  to be released on later Wednesday by Landor and Penn Scheon Berland proposes that Mr. Obama is linked with the middle class brands as compare to the Mr. Romney who is associated with the luxury items.


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