Man and woman sentenced to long prison, in Georgia, for hate crime


They were convicted under a street gang terrorism law for the 2015 harassment in Douglassville, outside Atlanta. Video footage from the party shows a parade of trucks roaring by with Confederate battle flags. The judge noted that Torres and Norton acted with the full knowledge that, less than a month earlier, white supremacist Dylann Roof had massacred nine African-Americans at a Charleston, S.C., church. Superior Court Judge William McClain castigated the two, Kayla Rae Norton, 25, and Jose Ismael Torres, 26, for perpetrating what he called a hate crime. He sentenced Torres to 20 years, with 13 to serve in prison. Norton was given 15 years, with six to serve. He also ordered them to be permanently banished from Douglas County. Torres is a plumber, volunteer football coach and father of three. “I do accept responsibility for what I’ve done. What happened to you is absolutely awful. From mother to mother, I cannot imagine having to explain what that word means,” Norton said to the victims after .


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